Thursday, July 30, 2009

Life After the PCP

It's going on close to a year since I have completed the PCP. Sadly I've let my PCP body go. I used the excuse that I needed to lighten up the load a little. Unfortunately, I dropped it all together.

What's interesting is that I still have some definition that I didn't have before at all prior to the PCP, it's just covered by a nice layer of flab. I have retained my knowledge of food, however, and I find myself engaging frequently in discussions on diet and health. While my diet isn't PCP quality, I am considerably more conscious about what I eat. I am aware that when I eat a quesadilla, the cheese is going right to my hips, so to speak.

This self awareness combined with my envy for my previous body has lead me to want to re-run the PCP program again. Upon reflection, I really see how important it was to have this blog for accountability. I haven't decided if I am going to keep accountable to a friend privately or publicly on this blog. If I do decide to revisit this blog, I would be more than grateful for any feedback and support you may have.

Until next time,


Mike said...

Dude, come back to the PCP!

David said...


Heh, thanks for the support. I am thinking that I will do this publicly as I could use the support and accountability.